Tuesday, December 13, 2016

How to wear socks permanently

Assalamualaikum, hey guys in this post i will share with you guys on how can you wear socks permanently without forcing yourself to wear them.

For the first timer, i know its hard. It is hard for me too. Like every single time before you go out you need to put the socks on. Its like wasting your time  when you're rushing and so on. BUT, actually it is not. 

I started to wear socks like in third semester of my diploma. Its already 3 years now. I wore them not because that i wanted to, but it is because my feet get sunburn easily, at first! We have to walk like 1km everyday to class. We do have payung but it didn't cover our feet. Its burning like crazy, and i can't even look at my feet because it looks disgusting kahh! So finally i've decided to wear socks. Its kinda leceh, but i have to. And yeah after few months i wore them, i started to wear them like everytime i wanna go out. Hangouts, going out for lunch, go to kedai runcit and so on. You just need to practice more and more. Just don't be lazy gaiss, thats all i can say. Wearing socks is cute tho. I love to see a girl with socks, they look cute on it.

Socks is like one of my outfits now. I can't even go out if i didn't find my socks haha, sounds funny right? But yeah i feel like my feet is naked whenever i didn't wear socks. And after 3 years alhamdulillah my sunburn is gone. I'm so happy to look at my feet because i had tan skin on my face and my hands due to sunburn. So, to increase my confidence level, i usually look at my feet and said 'one day your skin is going to be like that, just be patient' haha. Only students know how struggle we are to get our skin colour back.

Thats all! I hope you guys can try it. Start covering your feet, its 'wajib' girls. Lets cover our aurah!

Kalau suka sila lah like , thank you :)