Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ohh math!

macam nie punye orang pun ade ke ? pelik betul lahh :P

students : i couldn't figure out this problem , but there is an amateur drawing of a charizard . i hope that helps ..
teacher : blastoise uses water cannon . it's super effective ! charizard fainted .

 Ms. i can't read the question , there's a bear in the way 

  there is an elephant in the way 

ahhh ! a bear , i'm too scared to answer 

confusing ! for both student and teacher 

beer-lambert law ..

 tetris is fun . math isn't . haha

 i can't answer the problems because there was a terrorist attack on my test 

                                   elephant blocking my test :
                                 nice try student , but ..
elephants have tail !

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